Holmes comet 3.5 days after the outburst

The weather was bad in Brno after the comet Holmes outburst and the weather prospects for the following days were bad as well. That is why Dalibor Hanžl traveled westwards until he found a good observing place. It was the foot of the Arber hill in Germany not far from the Czech border. His images are the earliest in this Holmes comet series. I processed these images two years after Dalibor had taken them.
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Date26. 10. 2007
Time22:58 - 23:51 UT
PlaceThe foot of Arber hill, Germany
CoordinateN 49° 07' 48'', 13° 10' 41''
ConditionsClear, Moonlight interference
Optics(1) SkyWatcher 250mm Newton f=1200mm
(2) SkyWatcher 250mm Newton f=1200mm, eyepiece projection
CameraCanon EOS 20Da
Exposure(1) 27× 30 s (ISO 400)
(2) 13× 30 s (ISO 400)
ProcessingImage processing: Miloslav Druckmüller
Copyright© 2007 Dalibor Hanžl, © 2009 Miloslav Druckmüller

Miloslav Druckmüller
Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
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