Holmes comet 134 days after the outburst and NGC 1499 California

March 5/6 was the first perfectly clear night after the period of bad weather. The total exposure time of the image was 128 min and the F2.8 lens was stopped down to F4.5 because the Astronomik CLS filter (48 mm diameter) was placed in front of the lens. The low sensitivity of unmodified Canon EOS 5D in H-alpha requested long exposure on the other hand it was an advantage because it made the contrast between mainly H-alpha emitting California nebula and the white solar light reflecting comet acceptable.
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Date5. 3. 2008
Time18:21 - 20:45 UT
PlaceNear Brno-Komín, Czech Republic
CoordinateN 49° 13.45', E 16° 32.98', Alt. 272 m
OpticsCanon 200mm 1:2.8 L II (aperture 4.5) + Astronomik CLS filter
CameraCanon EOS 5D
Exposure16× 8 min (ISO 1600)
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