C/2002 C2 Ikeya-Zhang and M31 galaxy

This image is a composite of five separate images taken in period of one hour. The best observing conditions were just after the sunset. Therefore I started the first exposure still on twilight. It caused the red color in the bottom part of this image. During the first exposure (18:54 - 19:01 UT) a very bright meteor was recorded in the top left part of the image. The prominent object below the comet's head is the well known M31 galaxy.

Date04.04 2002
Time18:54 - 19:01 UT, 19:06 - 19:17 UT, 19:21 - 19:29 UT
19:31 - 19:41 UT, 19:44 - 19:54 UT
PlaceStanovisko hill about 25 km far from Brno city, Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, Czech Republic
OpticsSonnar 3.5/135 mm
CameraPraktica MTL 50
FilmFujicolor Superia X-TRA 800
ProcessingSum of 5 images
ScannerNikon LS 2000
SoftwareACC 5.0 with Match II Module
Copyright© 2002 Miloslav Druckmüller


Miloslav Druckmüller
Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
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