Inner corona structure

This image is the result of processing by means of new Corona 3.0 software developed by author of these Web pages. Totally 21 images taken with MTO Maksutov - Cassegrain were used for creation of this image. The image processing method enables to reconstruct the solar corona up to the edge of the Moon. It means that the black part of the image is not a black circle covering the image part blurred by Moon's motion but it is the exact sharp image of the Moon.
Total solar eclipse of 1999 August 11 was near the maximum of 23rd eleven-year solar cycle. The coronal structure is changing during the eleven-year solar cycle significantly. It is spread approximately evenly to all spatial directions near solar cycle maximum (for example eclipses 1990, 2001, 2002). The structure is completely different near solar cycle minimum when the coronal intensity is much greater in equatorial plane than in polar regions (for example eclipses 1994, 1995).

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Date11. 08. 1999
TimeSecond contact 10:50:37 UT, third contact 10:53:00 UT
Total eclipse duration 2 min 23 s
PlaceHungary, 2 km SSE from Németkér village
CoordinateN 46° 41' 36'', E 18° 47' 14''
ConditionsExcellent, clear sky. (Solar altitude 59° above horizon)
OpticsMaksutov - Cassegrain MTO 1000a, 10.5/1084 mm
CameraSoligor SR-300MD
Resolution6.53 arc sec / pixel (image on this Web page)
FilmFujicolor Superia 800
ProcessingComposition of 21 images processed by means of Corona 3.0 and ACC software, diffraction corrected
Image processing by Miloslav Druckmüller
ScannerNikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED (4000 dpi resolution, RGB, 3 × 16 bit/pixel, 16× multisample)
SoftwareSofo ACC 6.0 with Match II module, Corona 3.0
NoteThe graph above the table shows the average values of the relative number of sunspots in which the red arrow indicates the time of 1999 eclipse. Graph was created according to data from Sunspot Index Data Center, Brussels.
OrientationThe image must be rotated 16.7° clockwise to achieve the standard orientation i.e. North top, East left
More infoFull story about Németkér expedition including many texts and images was published on multimedia CD: Miloslav Druckmüller, Journey to Solar Eclipse, AION and WOLF RECORDS, 2000
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