Sky during totality

This picture was taken by my younger daughter Zdena using a wide-angle lens with 28 mm focal length. The eclipsed Sun is about 0.3 mm across in the film frame. The Minolta X-700 camera was set to the automatic exposure mode. The film speed was set to 200  ASA, instead of the nominal value of 400 ASA, to ensure that the film would handle the extreme contrasts. Besides the eclipsed Sun the planet Venus is clearly visible.

Date11. 08. 1999
TimeSecond contact 10:50:37 UT, third contact 10:53:00 UT
Total eclipse duration 2 min 23 s
PlaceHungary, 2 km SSE from Németkér village
CoordinateN 46° 41' 36'', E 18° 47' 14''
ConditionsExcellent, clear sky. (Solar altitude 59° above horizon)
OpticsMinolta 2.8/28mm
CameraMinolta X-700
FilmAgfacolor HDC 400 Plus
SoftwareSofo ACC 5.0 Scientific Image Analyzer
More infoComplete set of processed images and animation including many texts about Sun and solar eclipses was published on multimedia CD: Miloslav Druckmüller, Journey to Solar Eclipse, AION and WOLF RECORDS, 2000
Copyright© 1999 Zdena Druckmüllerová

Miloslav Druckmüller
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Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
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