Total solar eclipse 6° above the horizon

This image of 2002 total solar eclipse in Australia is unique in several aspects. The eclipse was very short - less than a half minute and the Sun was very low - only 6° above the horizon. In spite of the mentioned facts, the image quality is surprisingly high. The image processing preserved the exact color, therefore the solar corona is of golden color.
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Date04. 12. 2002
TimeSecond contact: 09:10:56 UT, third contact: 09:11:25 UT
Eclipse duration 29 s
PlaceKoolimylka, Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA), Australia
Coordinate136° 31' 32'' E, 30° 57' 15'' S, approx. 244 m above the sea level
ConditionsSeeing: 3/10, transmission: 7/10, very windy, temperature: 29°C,
altitude of the Sun above the horizon: 6°
OpticsTakahashi FS-60C w/Extender-Q (568 mm f/9,5)
CameraCanon EOS-D60 digital camera, (setting ISO 800, ImageQuality RAW)
Exposure1/2000 s, ... 1/15 s
ProcessingComposition of 8 images. Images were aligned by means of phase correlation technique and then processed using Corona 3.0 software. Final processing was done by means of ACC 6.0 image analyzer.
Image processing by Miloslav Druckmüller
SoftwarePhaseCorr 3.0, Corona 3.0, Sofo ACC 6.0
OrientationImage must be rotated 77.8° counterclockwise to achieve the standard orientation (N top, E left)
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