Visible light corona with SOHO EIT 19.5 nm overlay

The image presented on this page is the composition of 51 airborne images and one SOHO LASCO C2 image. The image central part was replaced by SOHO EIT 19.5 nm image in order to illustrate perfect correspondence of coronal features in both images. The similarity of visible light image and 19.5 nm (Fe XII) image is so high that after nonlinear pixel values transformation it is possible to make the transition between both images invisible. (see the following page).
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Date23. 11. 2003
Time2nd contact: 22:42:43 UT, 3rd contact: 22:45:18 UT
SOHO LASCO C2 image: 22:26:06 UT
SOOHO EIT (195 Fe XII) image: 22:36:10 UT
PlaceQANTAS Flight 2901 over Antarctica (B 747 - 400)
Coordinate2nd contact: 69° 49' 24'' S, 93° 09' 45'' E
3rd contact: 70° 08' 32'' S, 92° 50' 52'' E
ConditionsImages taken through the exit-door window (camera on tripod)
Optics5.6/35-350 mm set to 350 m
CameraCanon EOS D60 digital camera (images in JPEG format)
Exposure1× 1/1250 s, 3× 1/1000 s, 2× 1/800 s, 3× 1/640 s, 6× 1/400 s, 3× 1/250 s 3× 1/200 s, 6× 1/125 s, 6× 1/80 s, 3× 1/30 s, 4× 1/20 s, 5× 1/15 s, 6× 1/5 s
ProcessingComposition of 51 airborne images, one SOHO LASCO C2 image and one SOHO EIT 19.5 nm image (Fe XII). Airborne images and SOHO LASCO C2 image were aligned by means of phase correlation, composed in one image using a special program written only for this particular purpose and processed by means of Corona 3.0. The alignment with SOHO EIT image and final processing was done by means of ACC 6.0 software.
Image processing by Miloslav Druckmüller
SoftwarePhaseCorr 3.0, JPEG Composer 1.0, Corona 3.0, Sofo ACC 6.0 with Match II module
NoteSOHO LASCO C2 image file name: 22160103.fts
Calibration file for C2 vignetting correction: c2_or_vig_960611_v01.fts
SOHO EIT (19.5 nm Fe XII) file name: efz20031123_223610.fts
OrientationThe image has the standard orientation i.e. North top, East left
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Miloslav Druckmüller
Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
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