Sungrazing comet

This image is a composition of images taken in Russia (Novosibirsk) and Mongolia (Bor Udzuur). Complementary colors were used in order to distinguish both image sets. Orange color represents images taken in Russia at 10:45 UT. Blue-cyan color represents images taken in Mongolia 19 minutes later. That parts of the resulting image which were identical, being observed from both locations, are neutrally gray because of the complementary colors used. The parts which differ (comet) are colored.
According to MPEC 2008-O67, the comet was 1.04 AU far from us and only 0.05 AU far from the solar center during our observation. The bright star near the comet is of 8.3 magnitude and has coordinate J2000 RA: 8h39m31.51s, DE: +17°28'41.5" (TYC1392-00854-1 Tycho 2 catalogue). The second little bit fainter star at the bottom right is of 9.0 magnitude and its coordinate are J2000 RA: 8h38m44.19s, DE: +17°14'56.5" (TYC1392-00425-1 Tycho 2 catalogue). See the image with coordinate grid.
You may see the comet images taken in Russia and Mongolia also in the form of animations with wider and narrower field of view.

I identified the comet thanks to information from Michal Kusiak, Martin Mašek and Dalibor Hanžl.

Miloslav Druckmüller
Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
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