Wide angle image of solar corona

This image shows the extend and shape of the solar corona during of unusually long and deep solar activity minimum. The corona was subjectively very weak and all observers in our group stated that it was the weakest corona they had ever seen.
The eclipse image is a composition of 9 images taken with 200 mm lens and 38 images taken with 500 mm lens. The position of the Moon represents the situation 136 seconds after the second contact i. e. 03:30:55 UT (15:30:55 local time). See the sky map.
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Date22. 07. 2009
Time2nd contact 03:28:39 UT, 3rd contact 03:34:20 UT
Total eclipse duration 5 m 41 s
PlaceEnewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands
Coordinate11° 21.546' N, 162° 20.827' E, 3 m altitude
ConditionsPartially clear, partially small cumulus cloud,
altitude of the Sun above the horizon 56-57°
OpticsCanon 200mm 1:2.8 L II
Maksutov-Cassegrain 3M-6A, 6.3/500 mm
CameraCanon EOS 5D Hutech Ia modification (Canon 200mm lens)
Canon EOS 5D (Maksutov-Cassegrain)
Exposure1/500 s - 1 s (Canon 200mm lens)
1/250 s - 8 s (Maksutov-Cassegrain)
ProcessingComposition of 9 images (Canon 200mm lens) and 38 (Maksutov-Cassegrain) eclipse images. Eclipse images calibrated by means of dark frames and flat-fields, aligned by means of phase correlation, composed by means of LDIC 5.0 software, processed using Corona 4.1 in order to visualize coronal structures. Final processing was done using ACC 6.1 software.
Image processing by Miloslav Druckmüller
SoftwareAstro D3F 2.0, PhaseCorr 6.0, MPA 1.0, LDIC 5.0, Corona 4.1, Sofo ACC 6.1
NoteThe graph above the table shows the average values of the relative number of sunspots in which the red line indicates the time of 2009 eclipse. The data from the World Data Center for the sunspot index, (Solar Influences Data Analysis Center, the Royal Observatory of Belgium) were used.
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