What was necessary to be done?

For the past two years I have created 16 programs with approximately 25 000 command lines for image downloading, lossles compression, organizing, analyzing, pre-processing, alignment, NAFE - processing, PM-algorithm, video sequence creation and the final generation of Web pages.

What was necessary to be done for one second of final video?

  • Downloading of 75 SDO AIA lever 1 images, approximately 75 min
  • Preprocessing, approximately 30 min
  • NAFE processing, approximately 135 min
  • PM processing, approximately 6 min
  • Video sequence creation, approximately 1 min

The total results in approximately 4 hours of computer time (i7, 3.6 GHz, parallel processing on 8 threads). One video represents about 8-10 days of computer time and a lot of my work.