One Frame Total Solar Eclipse Photography

Is it possible to create an acceptable total solar eclipse image based on a single frame? The answer is surprisingly yes. Neither digital camera nor classical slide film is able to manage this job. However, modern negative films are of very high dynamic range and one single image may be sufficient if it is correctly exposed, taken in perfect conditions and the film format is large enough. The following images illustrate what is possible to create from one single 6×6 cm color negative film frame (Fujicolor 100, year 1991). The first image is the original 16 bit/pixel scan converted to B&W image. The following images were made only by changing the image gamma. The last image is the image processed by means of Corona 4.0 software.

Gamma 1

Gamma 1/2

Gamma 1/4

Gamma 1/8

Gamma 1/16

Gamma 1/32

Gamma 1/64


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