Changes of inner corona during 84 minutes

The time delay of 84 minutes between images taken by Miloslav Druckmüller and Peter Aniol aboard the Discovery ship (Image 1) and images taken by Fred Espenak aboard the Galapagos Legend ship (Image 2) enabled to find significant changes in the inner corona. The clearly visible difference in contrast of the images is caused by cirrus cloud which intruded the observing aboard the Discovery ship.

Date08. 04. 2005
TimeImage 1: 2nd contact 19:51:19 UT, 3rd contact 19:51:52 UT
Image 2: 2nd contact 21:15:05 UT, 3rd contact 21:15:37 UT
PlaceImage 1: Pacific ocean aboard the MV Discovery
Image 2: Pacific ocean aboard the MV Galapagos Legend
CoordinateImage 1: 22° 37.19' S, 129° 38.67' W
Image 2: 01° 19.55' S, 109° 30.19' W
ConditionsImage 1: Images taken through cirrus cloud
Image 2: Clear sky
OpticsImage 1: Canon 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6, set to 400 mm (Druckmüller),
               Canon 600 mm f/4 (Aniol)
Image 2: Canon 500 mm f/4 IS lens
CameraImage 1: Canon EOS 1D Mark II digital camera (Druckmüller),
               Canon EOS 20D digital camera (Aniol)
Image 2: Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II digital camera
ProcessingImage 1: Composition of 31 images
Image 2: Composition of 7 images
Images were aligned by means of phase correlation, calibrated and composed using a new, for this purpose newly developed, software LDIC 1.0, processed using Corona 3.0 in order to visualize coronal structures. Final processing was done using ACC 6.0 software.
Image processing by Miloslav Druckmüller
SoftwarePhaseCorr 3.0, LDIC 1.0, Corona 3.0, Sofo ACC 6.0
OrientationThe image must be rotated 120° clockwise to achieve the standard orientation i.e. North top, East left
Copyright© 2005 Peter Aniol, Miloslav Druckmüller, Fred Espenak
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Miloslav Druckmüller
Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
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