Shadow-tracking Expedition, Mongolia 2008

GPS points of our 3200 km long journey from Ulaanbaatar to eclipse camp and back.

Eclipse camp in Mongolian Gobi desert, Lat. 45° 43.25' N, Long. 92° 06.84' E, Alt. 1223 m

Image of Lagoon and Trifid nebulae illustrates excellent observing conditions in the desert. The image is a composition of ten 3 minutes long exposures taken with modified Canon EOS 5D and Canon 2.8/70-200 mm L set to 200 mm. See the whole image and high resolution detail.

The daybreak, the day before the eclise.

01. 08. 2008, 11:03:35 UT, the second contact. The image was taken with camera (2).

Total eclipse duration 2 m 4 s - excellent observing conditions.

01. 08. 2008, 11:05:39 UT, the third contact. The image was taken with camera (2).

Our equipment used for eclipse observation: (1) Heavy, high precision parallactic mount brought and operated by Peter Aniol. (2) 105 mm TMB APO f=620 mm + Baader Flat-field FFC EFL with Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III camera. (3) Canon 2.8/70-200 mm L set to 200 mm with modified Canon EOS 5D (Hutech Ia). (4) Canon EF 100-400 mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS set to 400 mm with Canon EOS 1D Mark III. (5) Rubinar 10/1000 mm with Canon EOS 5D. (6,7) Two 8/500 mm lenses and Canon EOS 5D cameras equipped with two extremely narrow-band filters - bandwidth 0.15 nm. The first filter maximum transmission centered on Fe XIV emission image 530.2 nm. The second filter maximum transmission centered off-line on 529.1 nm. (8) Sky-Watcher 65ED APO f=400 mm with Canon EOS 20D equipped with Astronomik H-alpha 6 nm filter. (9) Maksutov-Cassegarin 3M-6A, 6.3/500 mm with Canon EOS 350D camera. (10) One of three computers used for control of cameras.

Total solar eclipse 2008 expedition photo taken after the eclipse. From left to right: Jan Sládeček (Czech Republic), Peter Zimmermann (Slovakia), Ľubomír Klocok (Slovakia), Karel Martišek (Czech Republic), Martin Dietzel (Germany), Peter Aniol (Germany), Miloslav Druckmüller (Czech Republic) and Vojtech Rušin (Slovakia).

The sunrise, the day after the eclise.

Passing Altay mountains on our return journey.

More than 1000 km to Ulaanbaatar