Observing tents for the IfA team. The tents were tailored for eclipse observing needs by Judd Johnson. Both tents are retrofitted with small windows at their base (on the left side not visible in this image) to allow the insertion of an air conditioner to keep the equipment at nominal operating temperatures.

Some of the equipment used for observing, namely German Equatorial Mounts, cameras, lenses and filters. Team leader, Shadia Habbal, with a specially designed box used as a platform to support laptops.

Judd Johnson setting up the mounts and checking alignments.

The IfA Solar Wind Sherpas Team. From left to right, standing: Judd Johnson (Electricon), Shadia Rifai Habbal (IfA), Adalbert Ding (Technische University, Berlin), Martina Arndt (Bridgewater State College), Mindy Lekberg (Chelmsford High School), Joannie (Wellness Center in Majuro, RMI). From left to right, sitting: Huw Morgan (IfA), Emily Mount (Appalachian State University), Isabelle Scholl (IfA), Beverly Lynn-Wilson (Friend of the IfA), Dave Harrington (IfA), Sarah Jaeggli (IfA).