The Australian total solar eclipse of November 13, 2012 (November 14 local time) was my first one which was totally clouded out. I observed it from Trinity Beach near Cairns, Queensland, Australia, as a member of the international expedition perfectly organized by Shadia Habbal from the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii. My participation, equipment lending and transport were enabled by financial support from the University of Hawaii, Peter Aniol and Astelco Systems GmbH, Munich, and Zdeněk Andrýsek (Czech Republic).
The 7th Shadow-tracking Expedition had three observing places. Two of them, at Trinity Beach and Amaroo, organized by Shadia Habbal, were unfortunately clouded out. Fortunately the third observing place near Palmer River Road House (marked by the red dot on the map), where the eclipse was observed by Constantinos Emmanoulidis, had relatively good weather. The sky was nearly clear with only few very thin high clouds.

After the eclipse I obtained more data from my friends all over the world. Thanks to David Finlay, Man-To Hui, Robert Slobins, Phil Hart and Jan Sládeček it was possible to create wide angle images of the Australian total solar eclipse with very high quality even though the sky was not absolutely clear.

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