NAFE image enhancement

It is necessary to activate the image in order to use NAFE method of image enhancement. Use NAFE Activate button for that purpose. As the image activation is a time consuming operation it is possible to save activation data for the whole image. It is done automatically if the check box NAFE Auto save is checked. Activation data are saved in the directory Activation_Data as files with extensions .act. If you will not need this activation data any more you may delete this directory. It is not possible to save activation data if the ROI is set.

The degree of image enhancement is controlled by means of track bar NAFE weight. Value 0 of NAFE weight gives image without any enhancement while the maximum value 0.3 gives extreme enhancement. If the switch NAFE is set to Def the pre-defined NAFE weight is set on image loading. This value is dependent on wavelength. If the switch NAFE is set to Fix the NAFE weight may be changed by user only.

SDO AIA 171 Å image processed with NAFE weight 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2 (from the left to the right).

The mathematical background of NAFE method of images enhancement is described in NAFE paper. Pre-defined input NAFE weights for all SDO AIA wavelengths can be changed in NAFE.ini file. The values written in the NAFE.ini file are NAFE weights multiplied by 100 and the number must be integer (i.e. 15 means the NAFE weight 0.15).