The 8th Shadow-tracking Expedition had four observing places. The first one was in Gabon, the second in Uganda and the third and fourth ones were in Kenya. The observing place in Gabon was about 50 km far from Lambarene (S 0° 22' 47", E 10° 20' 43", alt. 78 m), where the eclipse was observed by Constantinos Emmanoulidis from Greece.

Gabon was the observing place with very bad weather prospects but with the longest eclipse along the totality belt in Africa. The weather looked hopeless even one hour before the total eclipse. However the sky cleared miraculously just in the right moment and the sky was clear in the vicinity of the Sun during the whole one minute total eclipse. Constantinos Emmanoulidis used full advantage of perfect observing conditions and brought an excellent data set. During the 8th Shadow-tracking Expedition planning I was really afraid that this expedition may be the first one without any usable data because of pessimistic weather prospects, short total eclipse and low solar altitude in Uganda and Kenya. Finally the results are over my wildest dreams especially because of success in Gabon.


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Miloslav Druckmüller
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